Take a breath… The best must come

the best must come domenico billariWithin the framework of this exhibition on the 6th of February 2013, a performance of Domenico Billari took place at the opening of the Rotterdam Art Fair.

For “Take a breath… The best must come” (also the title of Billari’s performance) ten actors were asked to wear a perfume he produced, and walk casually among the art fair public. With this act he aimed to bring a new dimension to the venue, such as, spreading a rumour and putting the focus on ordinary visitors.

Billari’s concept involves both the originated and the familiar tone. The peculiar ingredients of the fragrance, Bergamotto and Ginestra, both come from Calabria, Italy. Through this gesture – interfering a closed system of an art fair – his intention became a happening that is outside of its regular place, the exhibition space of Upominki.


Special thanks to: Marijke Appelman, Anna, Cristina, Eric, Giuseppe, Malou, Marie-Sarah, Martijn, Mirjam, Jesse, Paco, Weronika Zielinska and Wilfried Lentz.