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Inside and Outside as a Frame, for a Glass of Water

In Inside and Outside As Frame, for a Glass of Water brings simplicity
into a vast Universe of meanings by using the structure of a trilogy.
Participatory in its form, the work spins around the relevancy of
dogma in the contemporary world.
For me it is crucial to artificially create the reality itself as an
origin of this subjective chain of meanings.
Historically the Religion has confronted spread of the science and
knowledge about the genesis and functioning of the world, though in
contemporary society the Religious institutions are widely using the
instruments of the Technological progress, which brings the
controversy into the religious and reality dogma, in our time, now.
“Can one really distinguish between the mass media as instruments of
information and entertainment, and as agents of manipulation and
indoctrination? (…) We are again confronted with one of the most
vexing aspects of advanced industrial civilisation: the rational
character of its irrationality. Its productivity and efficiency, its
capacity to increase and spread comforts, to turn waste into need, and
destruction into construction, the extent to which this civilisation
transforms the object world into an extension of man`s mind and body
makes the very notion of alienation questionable.” (“One-Dimensional
Religion as a childish illusion is what technologies today offer to a
bright mass and orbit around the man`s meaning of life extended to his
needs and function in a society that define low, in order to break it.
The video piece is a featuring a process-based performance,
representing the research done by Domenico Billari in the secret
archive of the Vatican city. Subversive actions play crucial role of
the artist’s practise. In this particular case the aim of the Walk in
the Vatican is a research on the content and form of this archive as a
storage of evidence and the ground for religious history. On one hand
the artist is conducting an investigation with an open result, at the
same time, the process itself is carefully documented  as a pure step
by step algorithm, which is used in mathematics and computer science
logical procedure for receiving an array of requested outcome data.
the sculpture:
Almost in the middle of the space there is installed a stone (inside
radius 33cm) cut in two parts, symbolically touched and subsequently
divided by the hand of God.
The inside parts of the stone are covered in silver and gold
(respectively white and yellow metals), chosen by the artist as the
basic materials for technological progress.
A mini projector (result of our newest technology) hidden installed in
one of the walls of the cube let shine a not clear image or light on
the wall, so representing for me the shining aura of the stone.
The actor is in the cube standing beside from the stone playing a role
of the custodian, who keeps the Substance secure from any adventitious
eye. On request from the visitor, the guardian moves to a precise
point of the white cube and the the video, will appear clear on the
upper part of his body.